Lynne and Gary Lindsey – Roseville, California

“We were drawn into our home here in Roseville by the huge majestic Blue Oak trees in the backyard. They are breathtaking. The first summer we discovered that oak trees drop an unbelievable amount of acorns, and the following fall we discovered that oak trees drop an enormous amount of leaves form October to January. We were buried in acorns and leaves and our existing rakes, shovels and various other gardening tools did not work for us. It was a back-bending, grueling process to stay ahead of it all. We were thrilled when we found the Amazing Rake® and have been forever grateful for this wonderful product ever since.

Huge amounts of acorns can be very heavy to rake and lift. The Amazing Rake scoops up huge amounts of acorns at a time and allows us to dump them right into the green waste bins. The Amazing Rake is everything it is said to be. It rakes, grabs and bags our leaves in a continuous motion. We cannot imagine the falling leaf process without this wonderful tool.

We have told all our friends and neighbors about this product. All we can say is thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for developing the Amazing Rake.”

Bill Clarke – Orangevale, California

“I have been using the Amazing Rake for over two years. I currently have two at my home in Orangevale, and two at another residence in Sonoma County. This rake has been a life saver for my wife and I, since at age 70, bending over to pick up leaves, is a back-killer. We have literally loaded two pickup truck beds in one day without any harm to our bodies. Of all the products demonstrated at Home and Garden shows, this product does what is advertised, and is a true winner.”

Don Kindell – Yuba City, California

“Within the first few moments when I saw it used I knew I wanted one. It was so simple to use. There was nothing to break down. Just by looking my aging back started to feel better.

After very hard use I ran over it. I quickly ordered 4 more not just for back-up but for gifts. They are a very valuable tool at a great price.”

Bill Kinney – Granite Bay, California

“I would like to say a few things about the Amazing Rake. This is really a versatile piece of equipment. I’ve been using garden tools for over 72 years and I’ve never had a tool that can do so many things so easy. I use it constantly in the garden, yard and in the barn. It really is amazing and so easy to use!”

J. Beecher – Flemington, New Jersey

“Somebody should have thought of this years ago. When I think of what a boring, back-breaking hassle raking used to be, well I am so grateful to the manufacturers of this fine product.”