Amazing Rake with Telescope Handle “Original”


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Our Original Amazing Rake is an innovate advancement  in garden tools! No more straining your back and knees from repeatedly bending over to pick up yard debris. It enables you to pick up yard clippings that have thorns without scratching your hands, wet leaves without getting your gloces soaked and dirty, and dog waste at arms length. Instead of raking with one tool, and picking up the yard debris with yet another tool, use the Amazing Rake, the multi-tool that lets you stay on task and get the job done with a simple, efficient, Rake Grab Bag action.


  • The Origianl Amazing rake was deisnged to last through seasons of the roughest yard work. 
  • On each half of the rakeThere are six reinforcing ribs .
  • Each half has 17 tines that will grip the leaves and make cleanup easy.
  • The 17 tines on teh rake give the Amazing Rake great grip!
  • The two havles are held to gether by a sturdy 17″ pin.
  • The Wishbone Strut that holds one half of the Amazing Rake firmly and gives power to your pick-up chores.
  • The “U” clip holds the rake open so you can take effectively.
  • This “Original” Amazing Rake comes with a “Telescope” steel handle and rubber grip that retracts  for shipping and extends to the standard length for use.

Order your Amazing Rake today and get one for the gardener in your life too!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 41 x 8 x 4 in



Tough, strong, durable, flexible Copolymer Polypropylene rake head


Strong, durable ABS plastic “Wishbone Strut” with “U” clip


Rake head connected together with 17″ Hinge pin


Steel “Telescope” handle with rubber grip and hanger hole


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