The Original Amazing Rake is a multi-use, yard tool that makes onerous, yard-cleanup chores easy!
Yard cleanup usually involves simple chores, such as deadheading flowers, cutting down stalks of flowers after blooming season, raking leaves and fallen twigs in the autumn, and the endless chore of picking up dog waste. The piles of waste and yard debris then need to be cleaned up. It is all too easy to delay cleaning up until the leaves are blown around again, the waste is disgusting, and the leaves are a soggy mess. But, there is no reason to put off the cleanup step!
Amazing Rake makes cleanup easy and, dare we say it, fun!

It’s Strong

  • The original Amazing Rake was designed to stand up to tough yard chores.
  • There are six reinforcing ribs along the width of each half of the rake.
  • Each half has 17 tines that will grip the leaves and make cleanup easy.
  • There is a 17” pin that sturdily hold the two halves together.
  • The rake has a Wishbone Strut that holds one half of the rake firmly and gives power to your pick-up chores.

It’s Easy to Use

  • Amazing Rake works like a conventional rake until you need to pick up your yard debris pile, then it transforms into a pick-up tool to scoop up the mess so you can deliver it to the trash heap.
  • The no-bending pick-up means that chances of back strain from repeated bending is eliminated.
  • There is a “U” clip that holds the rake’s scoop side in the open position while you are raking up the leaves.
  • To open the rake to be able to pick up the next pile, you simply tap the rake head on the ground.

Order your Amazing Rake today, and get one for the gardener in your life!

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