The Original Amazing Rake is built in America and designed to be tough. It’s flexible and able to be abused to an extent that would destroy most conventional rakes. We know from our research and development phase, as well as using the rake ourselves, that the Amazing Rake is a super tough product that we our proud of.
Just like flight attendants say, “in the unlikely event of an emergency,” in this case, a part of your Original Amazing Rake breaks or gets destroyed, you have options! We offer replacement parts! So, if your son’s dog with the jaws of steel decides that the Amazing Rake tastes good, as well as being a handy multi-purpose yard tool, or your brother-in-law decides to see if it can’t be used to adjust a burning log on a fire (something we do not recommend), you can save your rake with a replacement part.

Amazing Rake Parts “Original”

We offer the following replacement parts for the “Original” Amazing Rake:

  • Slide Grip (Telescope Handle) “Original”
  • Slide Grip (Solid Handle) “Original”
  • Rake Head Complete “Original”
  • Rake Head Bottom “Original”
  • Rake Head Top “Original”
  • 17” Hinge Pin
  • Wishbone Strut with “U” Clip “Original
  • Telescopic Steel Handle with Rubber Grip
  • Solid Steel Handle with Rubber Grip

If part of your new favorite yard tool breaks, we’ve got you covered. We’ll get you a new, easy-to-assemble part, and you’ll be back out picking up yard debris in no time. Amazing Rake saves your back and your knees from strain from repeated bending. It also protects your hands from picking up thorny clippings, gross, wet leaves, and pet waste.
Order your complete rake or replacement part today.

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