We offer complete Amazing Rakes and parts. These rakes are designed and manufactured here in America to be rugged and sturdy. They are strong enough to be used for rough chores and will last for years. We know our rake is hard to break, we’ve racked our brains trying to think of ways you could break the Amazing Rake and have come up with next to nothing.
That being said, we know that things happen, dogs chew, drivers don’t check behind their cars and other extreme forces can be exerted on even the strongest product, making it require parts replacement.
Amazing Rake Replacement Parts
We offer replacement parts for the Amazing Rake, including these:

  • Slide Grips with Twist Lock functionality
  • Complete rake heads
  • Rake Halves, both upper or lower halves
  • Wishbone struts
  • The main handle (both the telescope and solid options)

Luckily, Amazing Rake is easy to assemble in the first place, so doing a parts replacement is easy, too! If you need a replacement part for your new and improved rake, contact us today..

Amazing Rake Basics

Amazing Rake is a multi-purpose yard tool that makes cleaning up yard debris a breeze. Amazing Rake enables you, with a few simple movements, to pick up leaves, yard debris and pet waste without having to bend down and potentially strain your back. You can use it to pick up, deposit, and then spread mulch, hay, or soil.

Two Types of New & Improved to Choose From

Besides having the the choice between the original and the New & Improved Amazing Rake, you can also choose between the telescope handle and the solid handle. Both are equipped with the Twist Lock Handle so you can lock the handle in place in case you need, for example, to walk

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