We not only improved the Amazing Rake, we now have two styles to choose from!
You can choose the Amazing Rake with Telescope Handle or the Amazing Rake with the Solid Handle.

Amazing Rake “New & Improved” has subtle, but important, improvements over the original Amazing Rake. Both the original and the New & Improved Amazing Rake have the same usefulness for yard clean up duty. The differences are small, but helpful. You might be asking yourself what the improvements from the original are?

It’s Stronger!

  • We’ve doubled the number of supporting ribs, from six to 12. These ribs are placed in twos and evenly distributed along the width of each rake half. These added ribs beef up the strength of the Amazing Rake.
  • We’ve also strengthened the Wishbone Strut to give more power for picking up yard debris. It’s also easier to Assemble!
  • Instead of 17” pin that needs to be assembled by you, the two halves of the rake now snap together.
  • Easier assembly is a great benefit for people sending the Amazing Rake as a gift to older people who might not want to deal with a more complicated (but still pretty simple) assembly before they can get out and use the rake.

It’s Even Easier to Use!

  • The new and improved Amazing Rake has great new feature that makes using it even easier!
  • The handle now has a Twist-Lock feature on the Slide Grip handle so you don’t have to hold the rake halves together while you move from pile to trash container. You can lock it in any position to account for yard debris piles of many sizes.
  • The “U” clip has been eliminated too, so it’s a simpler, stronger design overall

The Amazing Rake Makes Yard Cleanup Easy!

  • The original, and the new and improved, rakes are both great for yard clean up chores!
  • No more bending over to pick up leaves! This means no more back pain from picking up pile after pile of leaves and yard debris.
  • Amazing Rake makes the perfect gift for the gardener in your life!

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