Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any better than our Original Amazing Rake, we now have a New & Improved version!

Because both of our Amazing Rakes are made with the finest materials, it can be hard to really tell what the differences are.  Both versions of the Amazing Rake have the same shaped rake head, weigh the same and are the same size and length.  The handle, rake head,  wishbone strut, and slide grip of both versions are made of the same quality materials that are virtually indestructible, regardless of the weather, and will never rust!  Both versions come with a non-slip rubber grip handle.  Durable,  lasting season after season, our Amazing Rakes are made to last!


So, what makes them different?


rakeHeadTogether_oldOriginal Amazing Rake

The two halves of the Original Amazing Rake rake head are connected with a 17” pin and have 6 reinforcement ribs around the rake head which give it added strength.  The Wishbone Strut on our original version has a “U” clip molded in allowing the user to snap to the rake handle together which keeps the rake head in the open position while raking.  Just tap the teeth of the rake sharply on the ground to release the rake head for the pickup position.


rakeHeadParts_new_yellowNew & Improved

The New & Improved Amazing Rake no longer has the 17” pin.  Instead, just snap the two halves of the rake head together which makes an even easier assembly.  We’ve added reinforcement around each of all the 17 individual tines and even added 6 additional reinforcement ribs, for a total of 12, around the rake head for increased strength and durability.  The Wishbone Strut has been beefed up considerably and the “U” clip has been eliminated.  A Twist-Lock feature has been added on the Slide Grip which allows the user to lock the rake head in multiple positions.  This allows a pile of debris to be locked inside the rake head while transferring to your garbage can for disposal.

Whether you like our Original Amazing Rake the best or you want to give our New & Improved version a try, we know that both will give your knees and back relief by eliminating the bending, stooping, and touching of debris.  Shop now to get an Amazing Rake that truly will make a huge difference in yard cleanup this season! The Amazing Rake is the perfect all-purpose rake tool and makes a great gift for the gardener in your life.