While those big, colorful leaves on the ground make for beautiful fall scenery, they quickly become a nuisance and an onerous chore when it’s time to clean them up!  Let’s face it, raking and picking up yard debris is a pain. It is literally a pain in the back and the knees! The Amazing Rake is designed to ease the labor of yard work. 

The Amazing Rake will eliminate the bending and stooping that is so hard on your back and knees and will cut yard clean up time in half!





rakeHeadParts_new_greenThe Rake Head

The head of the Amazing Rake is made with virtually indestructible Copolymer Polypropylene plastic (the same material car batteries are made of) and has been rigorously tested in negative 10-degree weather, lasting through a series of tests designed to show its rugged strength and durability.  The rake head will not crack or break, even in the coldest temperatures, and will never rust!


The Wishbone Strut

The wishbone strut is made of super tough and strong ABS plastic which is the same plastic used for plumbing pipes in home construction.

slideHandle_new_greenThe Slide Grip

The Amazing Rake slide grip which slides up and down the handle is made with a heavy-duty, non-breakable nylon material.


The Handle

The Amazing Rake handle is made of steel with a plastic coating and an anti-slip rubber grip.

Being lightweight at only 2 ½ pounds, the Amazing Rake is made to last season after season and makes yard clean up a snap!  Just Rake, Grab, and Bag!  It’s that easy!