When Your Neighbors Leaves Fall

When Your Neighbors' Leaves Fall

We’ve all had that one neighbor.  You know the one we’re talking about.  It’s not the neighbor who is a busy-body and wants to know what you’re doing all the time.  It’s not the anti-social neighbor who wants nothing to do with you.  It’s not even the neighbor who always lets their dog utilize your lawn for them to do their business.  We all have that one neighbor who has huge deciduous trees that, no matter which way the wind is blowing, always drop every single leaf into your yard during the fall.  

So what do you do about this one particular neighbor and their intrusive tree leaves?  

Unfortunately, there isn’t a whole lot you can actually do besides grab your trusty leaf rake and take the time to rake up the leaves yourself.  However, here at the Amazing Rake, we have a few ideas, that may just get you out of doing all the work yourself.  Keep reading to see what options you could pursue.

Make It a Party!

While you may not be able to twist your neighbor’s arm into raking up the leaves for you, you may be able to bribe them into helping.  Throw a barbecue and invite the neighbors to come help you pick up the leaves with the reward of hamburgers and hotdogs for after the lawns are spotless once again.    


Grab Your Leaf Blower

The passive aggressive route may not be optimal, but if you’re not a fan of your neighbor and really don’t want to deal with all of the leaves from what is rightfully their trees, then set an alarm clock for late at night.  Pull out your leaf blower and go to town blowing all the leaves back over the fence so that your neighbor has to rake them up in order for them to have a clear lawn.  

Hire a Yard Cleanup Team as a Neighborhood

If you’re more interested in taking a community approach to yard cleanup, perhaps organize a neighborhood cleanup day where everyone pitches in down the street.  Or call around and see if any yard cleanup services will give your street a discount if enough people sign up for their services.  

Make and Sell Compost

Look on the bright side; if your yard is full of your neighbor’s leaves you’ve just gained that many more leaves that can be turned into rich compost for gardens.  Gather all the leaves and get composting.  That way, you can sell the compost in the spring to your neighbors as they get their gardens growing.

There are many different approaches you can take to dealing with your neighbor’s leaves in your yard.  Everything from a friendly approach to a passive aggressive one is an option when you’re dealing with leaves being into your yard.  But no matter what you decide to do, turn to the Amazing Rake to help you get the leaves picked up and out of your yard with ease.  Don’t break your back or the bank when you shop online for yours today!