Bulbs: When to Plant Them, How to Care for Them

Bulbs When to Plant Them

As spring slowly approaches, it’s time to start considering what your gardens are going to look like, what you’re going to need, and the plants you’re going to acquire in order to keep your gardens blooming all year long. Bulbs are a big part of this planning process, and while they make a great gardening gift, along with many other gardening tools, knowing how to plant and care for bulbs is another task completely. Here at Amazing Rake, we know that our tools can help you get your garden prepped for the spring and we want to help you make your garden truly bloom. So keep reading for some fabulous tips on how to plant and care for a variety of bulbs in your garden.

Spring Bulb Care

Many individuals love spring time bulbs. These can include daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths, which will quickly start to pop up when the snow recedes in the spring. However, if you’ve never planted bulbs before, these flowers won’t just magically pop out of the ground. Most spring time bulbs are actually planted in the wintertime before the first snow. However, if you’re late to the game, right now is a great time too if the ground warms up a bit and is not frozen.

When you plan your garden, it’s important to stagger spring and summer bulbs, along with perennials in order to keep your garden looking it’s best. As the spring bulbs fade, you don’t want to cut back their leaves, but you do want to trim the flowers back as they fade to encourage even more flower growth the following season. Plan to mix your spring and summer bulbs together and have perennials towards the front in order to create a positive visual appearance.

Summer Bulb Care

Summer bulbs do best when planted in the spring. The rule of thumb is always work a season ahead when you work with bulbs. The care is quite similar, but summer bulbs can continue to bloom for the whole season with the exception of lilies. Unfortunately, summer bulbs really struggle with the cold, so unlike other bulbs, they can’t stay in the ground all year round. In the fall, dig them up and store them in a dry, cool place to make sure they never come close to freezing temperatures.

Winter Care for Bulbs

As we briefly mentioned above, it’s important not to trim back yellowing leaves and to let them die off on their own before you prune your plants. This helps the plant get charged up to make it through the winter and produce an ample amount of flowers the following year. Spring bulbs will be okay staying in the ground into the fall and through the winter, but summer bulbs tend to come from tropical climates. Make sure to dig them up and store them so they don’t freeze and die.

When getting your garden ready, don’t forget to plant plenty of bulbs at the right time and to use the Amazing Rake, that great gardening gift you received, to help get your garden ready to bloom all year!