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The Amazing Rake is an innovative gardening tool that has the potential to increase your pleasure, decrease your back and knee pain, and enable you to do your yard work easily without having to prick your fingers or getting your hands dirty. So how, you may ask, can a rake do all that?
We’d be happy to tell you!

No More Back or Knee Pain From Repetitive Bending!

When you are doing seasonal yard clean-up, be it fall, spring, or summer, gardening is great exercise. Sometimes, though, the exercise can cross the line into overdoing it, and you can hurt your back. Bending over to pick up leaves and then twisting to dump them in a bin can really hurt. Furthermore, when you bend over, the forward force you are exerting on your knees can lead to knee pain, especially if you have any knee issues at all, and who over 40 does not? In future blogs, we’ll talk more about ways to avoid back pain while doing your gardening.

How Amazing Rake is the Solution to the Problem

The Amazing Rake is the rake that helps you pick up your yard debris without having to bend over. The rake converts from an effective and strong rake into a leave grabber with a flick of your wrist. With a twist, the twist and lock function secures the grabbers in the closed position so you can comfortably position yourself to release the leaves or other debris. The rake is strong enough to be used for leaves, twigs, mulch, rose and other plant trimmings, and even dog waste that has turned your yard into a minefield.

The Original and The New & Improved Amazing Rake

When you go to choose a rake for all your yard work, we have two versions of the Amazing Rake for you to decide between. We carry the Original Amazing Rake and the New & Improved Amazing Rake. The main differences are in the assembly and some details, including The New & Improved no longer has the 17” pin that holds the two halves of the rake together, instead, they are connected by easy-to-assemble snap in place connectors. The twist and lock is also available on the New & Improved, whereas the Original has a tap and release feature to open the leaf grabbing action.

We also have a pop-up bag to help you with your yard cleanup. It’s is a 23-inch high bin when opened up and makes gathering leaves and carrying them to your compost pile or green yard waste bin super easy. It is also easy to store

Gardening, be it a hobby or something you something you do out of duty has the potential to bring you joy. It’s time you got even more pleasure out of it. Gardening is meant to be a leisurely pursuit, to relax you and to get you outdoors for activities that keep you body moving. Amazing Rake can help you get more pleasure from your gardening and help you avoid back and knee pain from repetitive bending.
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